About Food4All

We started food 4 all in mid-2016 from our Gurdwara in East London. The idea was to help those less fortunate than ourselves and provide the homeless and low income families with a place to receive a hot meal, and a place to shower and receive advocacy advice if needed in our local Borough Newham.

From there it has grown to also now doing weekly outreach work in central London every Sunday night alongside the Children of Adam. On Sunday nights we provide 150-170 hot Indian vegetarian meals to low income and homeless people. We also provide clothes and toiletries, on ad-hoc basis on Sundays.

Our faith Sikhism which was founded by Guru Nanak Dev Ji, and heir fundamental message was based on naam, dhaan and ashnaan.

Naam – Reciting the universal name in in mediation.

Dhaan – Doing charity work selflessly and providing help for those less fortunate than yourself.

Ashnaan – Rising up in the early morning hours and bathing before starting your day.

Guru Nanak Dev Ji also started the concept of the Guru Ka Langaar, which is a community kitchen at every Gurdwara providing a hot meal to everyone in the community not matter what, age, gender, religion, caste or creed.

Its these three simple principles that spurred us on to begin Food 4 All, we are thankful to God/Waheguru/Ram/Allah/Krishna or by whichever name you use for the eternal power. That we have been blessed with the ability to provide this help to those who society has forgotten, those who’s stories have been tainted by misfortune. As one human race we must stick together now more so than ever, as we are divided on so many grounds, we must look past these divisions and join together, stay together and one step at a time we will bring about the change required.

With Satuguru Ji’s blessings