What is our goal in the long run?

Food4All was born when me and Nim were sitting at the Gurdwara one evening seeing the langar hall and the kitchen was empty and looking around and talking about the concept of Sikhi and what seva, daan and the langaar is.

We decided that we would cook for the people that need a meal the most and will not think about it but take action so we took the steps to fund this project and feed people now not tomorrow.

Cost to us was not an issue as we decided that we will not go out and what we would spend on that will go to feeding these beautiful souls.

The vision

  • Was to help provide food for those who would otherwise go hungry or have to think twice about spending money on a meal or other essentials.

The Story So Far

  • Starting mid 2016 we began making food on a Thursday evenings twice a month to serve at the Gurdwara. We decided that even if we fed one person that was an achievement.
  • We linked in with a charity called Children of Adam who regularly provided meals to 170 people on a weekly basis in Central London
  • They required someone to provide a hot vegetarian meal in addition to the sandwiches and meals they provided
  • So Jan 2017, on New Year’s day we went and cooked the meals and delivered them. Walking away changed as humans and grateful for everything we had and blessed that Satguru Ji gave us the power to do this seva
  • Initially at the Gurdwara and with Children of Adam we self-funded all the activity along with volunteers
  • In February 2017 we begun to collect donations through and from friends and family. It was at a point where people were giving us money directly where ever we were going
  • Since Jan 2017 we have been providing 150-170 hot meals on a weekly basis at Lincoln Inn Fields
  • We have also provided water, clothes and cakes on an ad hoc basis
  • To date we have raised £1500 from direct donations and the just giving page
  • The cost for 1 weeks food is £75, this includes the use of the gas at the gurdwara which is paid for, the ingredients, the containers and water

What we do now

  • Every Sunday, 52 weeks a year, year on year 170 meals are cooked and served to the homeless and low income families. This pledge was made and will be continuing even when me and Nim are away, with our team of volunteers stepping in.
  • Food 4 All have connected in with another charity called Project Giving and on the 29th July we will be providing 500 vegetarian meals and 500 cupcakes and there are already 20 volunteers who will be helping with this day
  • Food4All have connected in with a local refuge that provide help to women and children who have fled from Domestic and sexual violence. We will be cooking for them to celebrate Eid as a collective and provide presents for all the women and children (The vison is to do this on every major celebration)


  • Currently running a campaign of fund raising using the JustGiving crowdfunding platform and social media
  • Local solicitors business providing quarterly contributions
  • Raised over 690.00 during mela at Namdhari Gurdwara East London for Project 500
  • List of contributors ready to set up Direct Debits once registration and bank accounts are up and running

Future projects include

  • Set up the 1st vegetarian foodbank
  • Take Food4All vision nationally
  • To provide water along with every fed, as all the souls that come to eat tell us water is the hardest thing to acquire

The long term vision

  • To have the legacy of Food4All to grow and self-fund itself , by having reserves in the bank so the project is funded for 2 years in any given period
  • To provide the needed people we help with jobs
  • To create an everlasting social enterprise
  • To provide help and advice to those that mainstream society has left behind, regardless of colour, religion, age, gender
  • To have a vegetarian restaurant set up so people can come and eat and donate a meal to a needy person, for that needed person to come and wash, change clothes and eat a meal in the warmth
  • Build a community of youth volunteers and businesses to expand the itinerary we provide to include, not only hot meals, clothes, advice , water and toiletry products